Why You Should Never Burn Your Green Waste

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June 20, 2019
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August 8, 2019

During winter, you might collect wood and use it to build a fire in your living room, so why would burning green waste be any different. After all, you’re just making a fire, right? 

Wrong. It may surprise you to know, if you didn’t already, that burning green waste is extremely harmful to both you and the environment and is actually illegal. 

Lighting a fireplace requires some careful consideration of firewood, and the same should be applied whenever you burn wood and other green waste outside. When disposing of green waste it is always best to hire a skip bin and let the professionals deal with it. 

Burning green waste harms your health. Not only is an influx of smoke dangerous for anyone who has asthma it is unhealthy to breathe in the smoke to any capacity and unwelcome by anyone in the vicinity. 

Your health and safety are compromised every time. Burning green waste releases toxic fumes that can easily cause cancer, liver failure, skin rashes and reproductive disorders. 

The most dangerous part of burning green waste is that you can not control where those fumes end up, or how long they linger so it is best to just avoid incorrect green waste disposal methods at all costs. It is far easier to hire a skip bin instead of polluting the air in Geelong

When you burn green waste, you are harming the environment. Every time you burn something, you release the items chemicals, gases and toxins into the atmosphere. When you burn treated wood, the chemical treatment dissolves and is released as toxic fumes that you, your family and your neighbours will breathe in while also polluting the air by emitting carbon dioxide. 

Using a hose to put out the fire will contaminate the water, which will then run off into your soil and contaminate your garden. The ash remnants can also drastically damage and change your garden. 

Luckily, there are alternative methods to green waste disposal that will not harm your family or the environment.  The cheapest, most effective and convenient method to dispose of green waste is to hire a skip bin. 

Hiring a skip bin can make your gardening venture easier. Keep your garden clear of clutter by offloading your scraps and waste into your hired skip bin. No one wants to step over piles of tree cut-offs while trying to sculpt their dream garden.  

The best part of hiring a skip bin is knowing that your green waste will always be disposed of correctly. Usually, rubbish removal services collect your waste and take everything to landfill where it does nothing but contribute to the collapse of our environment.  When you hire a skip bin from GTown Skips, however,  you can be assured that your waste will be handled correctly with Geelong’s environment and people in mind. 

At GTown Skips we want to help you get your jobs done while keeping yourself and Geelong’s environment free from unnecessary harm. If you have a garden project coming up or just need to dispose of your green waste responsibly, contact GTown Skips today.

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