Hiring a skip bin will make your landscaping project cleaner

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July 17, 2019
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Whether you are embarking on a massive backyard renovation or just making some small changes to your courtyard, you are bound to make a mess. 

With the commencement of any project comes the collection out of all of the unwanted, out-dated and broken items that are lying in the path of your new yard. 

This extends from the collection of broken tools in your garage, to the tree branches you might need to cut down or remove, to the random slab of concrete in your garden bed that is begging to be broken and thrown away. 

One thing is for sure, no matter how large or small your outdoor project is, you don’t want rubbish sitting in your way when it could be sitting in a skip bin instead. 


Skip Bins are Convenient
Don’t waste your time trying to break, cut and squeeze everything into your curbside bin when you could dispose of your landscaping waste in a hired skip bin which is both safe and convenient. 

Skip bins can take lots of rubbish at once without the need for multiple plastic bags or borrowed curb-side bins. For the larger projects, hire a large skip bin as it will save you from having to do any landfill trips and from keeping a collection of hard rubbish in the area you are trying to work. 

For projects that are on a smaller scale, a small or medium skip bin can help keep the yard tidy without taking up large amounts of space. 


Skip Bins are Tidy
If you need to throw it out, you can with your skip bin. Your hired skip bin can take basically any kind of waste as long as it is not hazardous. You can use your skip bin to keep all of the waste your project produces safe from the elements and undercover so that the waste doesn’t spread and make an even bigger mess. 


Hire a Skip Bin for as Long as you Need
Your project might take one week to complete, or it might take three months. However long it takes to complete your project, your rubbish will need to be kept somewhere out of the way the whole time. 

If your hired skip bin gets full before you are done, organise to have it picked up and replaced. This makes waste management far more hassle-free than having to drop rubbish off at a landfill or source more bins. 

When you hire a skip bin for your landscaping project you are free to declutter until you are rubbish free, everywhere. A skip bin really is the perfect excuse to get everyone involved with spring cleaning both inside and outside your home. 

And the best part of hiring a skip bin? You know your rubbish will be disposed of properly, every single time. No need to worry about where to drop what off, or what can and can not be burnt, let our professional waste management team deal with it while you rest easy and focus the project at hand. 

G Town Skips Geelong should be your first call when starting small and large projects. Your Geelong home would love a hire skip bin. To book a skip bin, contact G Town Skips today.

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