How Improper Waste Management can have a Negative Effect on Geelong’s Community

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August 8, 2019
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From a young age, everyone was taught not to litter. Exposure to images of polluted water and animals trapped in plastic bags continuously drive home that littering is bad for us and the environment. 

But it is not just littering that can cause serious harm to our Geelong community. While littering has immediate negative effects, improper rubbish removal and waste management have lasting negative effects that affect us every day in ways that we can’t see. 

When it comes to disposing of rubbish, it is important to do it properly- and that doesn’t mean simply throwing it in the bin and moving on with your day. 

When you hire a skip bin with GTown Skips, you can be assured that your rubbish will be sorted and disposed of properly. Without responsible rubbish disposal, toxic wastes and large amounts of rubbish are left to infiltrate the environment and cause issues in places they do not belong. 

Improper rubbish removal applies to recyclables placed in the wrong category to toxic waste mixed in with everyday rubbish and while some instances seem worse than others, each contributes negatively to the environment and our community. 

Here are some ways improper rubbish removal can have a negative impact:

  • Negatively impacts our animals and marine life

As a waterfront city, it comes at no surprise that if we are polluting and mistreating Geelong land, our water will be affected too.  From styrofoam to plastic bottles to unwanted clothes, waste that is improperly disposed of ends up around the necks of our animals and marine life. In addition to harming animals, waste that sits incorrectly in landfills can seep into the water and turn it into a biohazard

  • Decrease the value of Geelong 

Missmanaged landfill facilities decrease the value of the community and can slowly deter tourists, investors and lead residents to look for new places to live. Poor waste management often extends beyond landfills as it is evident through curbside waste disposal methods and behaviours. 

  • Negatively impact the communities health 

Not only are waste disposal and landfill workers health at greater risk when they are met with a pile of miss-managed waste, but so too is the health of the entire community. When you throw away everything and anything into your curbside bin it all ends up lumped together with everything else from that week’s rubbish track- which can create a toxic cocktail of unmanageable waste

  • Environment contamination 

It is completely inarguable that improper rubbish removal damages our environment. Our air, water and soil are all easily be contaminated by our waste. Soil contamination is the number one problem caused by improper waste removal- the toxins from our waste seep into the soil of landfills which affects the growth of our plants, the nutrients in our food and the health of our lungs and liver. 

When waste is burnt instead of appropriately disposed of, our air becomes immediately contaminated which contributes to climate change and emits greenhouse gases. The remnants of these fires and the general existence of miss managed waste seeps into our water the same way it seeps into our land causing toxic issues for years to come. 

If you care about your community, the environment and yourself then you should consider hiring a skip bin for all of your small and large waste needs. 

When you hire a skip bin from GTown Skips in Geelong your rubbish is accountable and is managed properly. With a skip bin, won’t ever miss a recycling opportunity and your waste will be dealt with safely. 

If you have a project coming up or just need to dispose of your waste responsibly, contact GTown Skips today.

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