Why You Should Hire a Skip Bin for your Party in Geelong

How Improper Waste Management can have a Negative Effect on Geelong’s Community
September 12, 2019

Everybody loves parties. Dressing up in nice clothes, catching up with friends, dancing, laughing, drinking and eating. All of these things are enjoyable and combined, make for a memorable evening. 

There is one negative thing that always goes hand in hand with parties and that is rubbish and lots of it. If you have ever hosted a party at your house then you are no stranger to that dreaded next-day cleanup feeling.  

So what if there is a way to hire a cleanup crew as big as your invites list, that won’t disrupt your party at a very low cost and will practise correct waste management all night long.

The answer to your party clean up woes is to simply hire a skip bin. Really, it is that easy. 

While traditionally skip bins are used for construction sites, renovations and for commercial waste disposal around Geelong, skip bins are beneficial for many other residential instances, including backyard parties and any event hosted at your home. 

People are creatures of habit, and as a society, we have been conditioned to always throw our rubbish in a bin. If you hire a skip bin and pop it in an accessible spot at your party you can almost guarantee that your guests will naturally direct all of their rubbish into the skip bin. 

Realistically when you host a party you don’t always have the opportunity to go around to every guest and ensure that everything is running smoothly. When you hire a skip bin, you are essentially putting up a big sign that says ‘PLACE RUBBISH HERE’ without the bossy party host energy. 

When you go to the effort to hire a skip bin for your party you show your guests that you care about the cleanliness of the party and that you are also concerned with proper waste disposal techniques. This will lead them to respect your home and desire to keep it clean more. 

If you hire a skip bin for your party, you won’t have to worry about placing an excessive amount of plastic bags around the perimeter. Using a skip bin means that all rubbish related items can simply be grouped into one corner. 

Because you can choose a skip bin size that you feel will best suit the scale of your Geelong event, you won’t have to worry about finding half-empty neighbours bins to put all of your excess rubbish in. 

The best part about hiring a skip bin is if you choose to hire it for a day or two extra, you will have the opportunity to clean out your home and declutter the unnecessary objects that take up space or you have been putting off throwing out due to the inconvenience of taking waste to a Geelong landfill. 

G-Town Skips has the skip bin that will be perfect for your next event. With skip bins in 5 different sizes available for hire, you are sure to have a worry-free party no matter how many guests attend. If you would like to speak to us about your event’s skip bin hire needs, contact us on 0448 710 788 or book directly through the website.

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