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Have you ever wondered where your waste goes once you dispose of it in your skip bin? If you haven’t already, start asking yourself these questions. It is time to become more environmentally conscious. No, that doesn’t mean you have to become vegan and run around protesting in Geelong. It is a lot easier than that to make positive changes to your routines to care about the environment.

At a young age, we learn what items go in what bin. It seemed simple at the time, but as adults with large amounts of waste to be disposed of in skip hire bins, the responsibility to separate your rubbish has grown.

If organic waste is not separated when thrown into a skip bin, it omits greenhouses gases when it breaks down in the landfill. These contribute to climate change. Every time you hire skip bins in Geelong consider yourself apart of the fight against climate change.


We are sure your skip bin isn’t sparkling clean so save water and don’t worry about rinsing down your recyclables when you throw them into your skip bin. Just make sure they are empty. Keep everything lose in the skip bin. There is no need to bag them in plastic.

Most plastic bags aren’t recyclable. If you are unsure if your plastic item is recyclable, scrunch it up in your hand before throwing it in your skip bin. If it is hard or bounces back, recycle it. If it is soft, then garbage skip bin it.

Green Waste

Unfortunately treated timber cannot be put in your green waste skip bin. You can put in soiled cardboard, wood and anything compostable. When placing timber in your hire skip bin, please make sure that the pieces are not absurdly large as that is unsafe for your Geelong skip bin hire crew.

Banned Items

Absolutely no hazardous liquids including paint, oil, pesticides or poisons. Not even in a sealed container. Not only is this very unsafe for the workers who have to sort through your hired skip bin, but it is also terrible for the environment. Asbestos, Vehicle tyres, and batteries are also forbidden. Vehicle tyres should be taken directly to a Geelong tyre recycler so they can process your rubbish effectively.

White goods such as your old refrigerator, washing machine, oven, dishwasher and so forth can be thrown into your hired skip bin only once they are de-gassed. All doors and lids must be removed. However, a more economical option is to take them to a Geelong whitewoods recycling facility to make room in your skip bin for other waste.

Play your part to ensure everything you throw out is processed the correct way. At G-Town Skips we care about the environment, our workers and you.

If you are looking to hire a skip bin in Geelong, do not hesitate to contact us today or call us on 0448 710 788.  


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