Why Hiring a Skip Bin for your Geelong Event is Important

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January 15, 2019
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March 25, 2019

Hosting an event comes with an array of responsibilities. Whether the event is just at your home for family and friends, or you are apart of the council committee planning a food truck park or fundraiser bbq by the Geelong beach, there are many things to consider and plan in order for your event to run smoothly.

Consider the last event you attended, and question if there was enough shade, food, entertainment, and if it is something you are likely to attend again. All events cater to all hunger, thirst and entertainment needs. The mark of a great event will do all these things with great care, whilst providing adequate waste management options.

No one wants to go to a party or event have to battle through poorly discarded plates and cups to find a spot to sit on the grass. A failure to consider appropriate waste management tactics, overflowing bins and rubbish all over the floor is off-putting and suggests organizers don’t care about the environment, the Geelong community or their guests.

Hiring a skip bin means that suddenly the burden of food packaging, food scraps, and drink cups and cans is lifted off your shoulders and into the barrel of one of the many cleverly placed skip bins. Being able to choose the size of your skip bin hire means that hosting a party at your house no longer comes with the stress of an overflowing house bin waiting for collection day, or the worry of sneaking bags of plastic plates into your neighbour’s bin.

Of course, waste management and rubbish disposal extend far beyond pointing your guests towards the direction of the bins, it means encouraging your guests to dispose of their waste responsibly. Taking advantage of skip bin hire is having a bin for waste and a bin for recyclables, and you will have the skip bin capacity to keep the rubbish separate until the event is over which is something your small kitchen bins cant promise.

GTown Skips can deliver your skip bin hire on the day of the event, and arrange a collection time with you to ensure your waste is dealt with efficiently. Gtown Skips can also help you hire the correct amount of bins for your event size and location, providing advice for placement and waste management.

For larger scale events, medium to big skip bins can be hired and placed around the parameters of the event, while having a collection of smaller wheeled bins to manage waste at guests convenience. These bins can then be emptied throughout the event into the larger skip bins which means you won’t have to worry about overflow. For events at home, the smaller sized skips will likely suffice.

At Gtown Skips Geelong we pride ourselves on keeping our Geelong community green and clean. Before your event contact us to discuss your skip bin hire and the best way to manage the waste your event will produce. If it is important to be considerate of our environment and be aware of the way we dispose of our rubbish.

If you prefer to speak to us about your events skip bin hire needs, call us on 0448 710 788. We would love to chat!


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