Understanding Skip Hire Regulations for Bins in Geelong

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When it comes to getting rid of unwanted rubbish from your home, business or garden in Geelong skip hire is the safest and most efficient way. However, like any hiring service, there are rules and regulations that everyone needs to follow. At Geelong G-Town Skips, we’ve noticed that some people don’t fully understand some of the environmental and safety regulations associated with skip hire in Geelong, that can result in fines or extra charges. So to avoid additional fines, fees, and environmental safety it’s important to keep these regulations for Geelong skips in mind.

Restricted Items for Skip Bins in Geelong

By now, anyone interests in skip hire in Geelong should be aware that there a handful of items that are never allowed to be put in Skip Bins in Geelong. These include asbestos, tyres, paints, fridges, pesticides, oils and medical waste. These materials shouldn’t be put in Geelong skip bins because they can be harmful to our environment, but they pose a threat to public health and us here at Geelong Town Skips who process your skips.

Securing a Skip Hire License

If you are going to put your Geelong skip bins on council land, such as the road in front of your house, you will need to check if you need to secure a council permit. You must have the permit before your skip hire is delivered. Some councils allow the skip hire companies to apply for permits, but inside other councils, it’s up to the individual. Once you’ve got your Geelong skip hire license you’ll need to follow other rules, such as making sure the skips aren’t blocking driveways or utility access points such as fire hydrants. Check with your local council and their skip hire license guidelines.

Skip Bin Hire Conditions

Each skip hire company has their own regulations about the filling of skips. As a general rule more skip bin companies will require the waste to fill up to the top of the skip bin and no further, extra charges may also be applied for exceeding the weight limit of your Geelong skip hire, at Geelong Town skips, these rules both apply, and mattresses will also incur an additional fee.

These have been just a few key rules and regulations that are common among skip hire in Geelong. These skip hire regulations are designed to keep Skip Bins in Geelong safe in order to protect our coastal environment and people. Failing to adhere to the council’s skip bins regulations may put other people or the environment in danger.

If you’re looking for skip hire in Geelong for your home, garden or business, Contact Us at G- Town Skips today.

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