How Skip Bin Hire Is Good for the Geelong Environment

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February 13, 2019
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Every bit of waste you produce has to go somewhere once you dispose of it. That does not, and should not mean that it is mindlessly thrown into a landfill. As a society, we are becoming more environmentally conscious and responsible, and your rubbish disposal habits should follow suit.

Here are a few ways that hiring a skip bin for your Geelong projects does not only make your job more convenient but also helps to protect our environment from harmful waste.

Skip Bins Reduce The Need for Landfill

Using a bin hire service to hire skip bins in Geelong for waste removal, construction sites, small home renovations and everything in between means you are helping to reduce the need for landfill. As your waste is collected in an appropriate type of skip bin and is responsibly sorted it usually does not end up in a landfill and is instead recycled thus protecting the environment.

Hiring a Skip Bin Reduces your Carbon Footprint

Hiring a skip bin means you will be using less plastic bags to collect your rubbish, you will not be driving to and from rubbish dumps and your bins won’t need to be emptied out as frequently. By collecting all of your rubbish in skip bins your home or business reduces their carbon footprint.

By using a skip bin hire Geelong service you can be confident that your rubbish won’t be contributing to illegal rubbish dumps which severely negatively impact the environment. When choosing on a skip bin hire Geelong company, make sure they are reputable and look out for dirt cheap quotes as that is usually a sign that you should steer clear.  

Skip Bin Waste Management Reduces the Dumping of Toxic Chemicals

Skip bins on site promote safe, responsible and environmentally conscious disposal of toxic chemicals as they provide a way to do so. Without a skip bin, it is more likely that waste will be disposed of illegally or carelessly, causing a release of toxic chemicals into the environment. Mixing the wrong chemicals in dumping grounds can result in the creation of flammable Biohazard. Hiring skip bins in Geelong sees that your waste is disposed of in accordance with what it is, instead of being blindly dumped into the back of a truck with your household waste.

Recycling rubbish reduces pollution

Having a hire skip bin on site encourages everyone to recycle. Recycling reduces pollution by reducing waste. The items recycled provide materials to automobile, package and electronic industries. Items such as batteries can be disposed of and recycled appropriately, which otherwise can pose a big risk to our environment.

Skip Bin Hire Companies Hold People Accountable

As most skip bins hire companies to hold their customers accountable for incorrect waste disposal, hire skip bin users are likely to take responsibility for what they dump. Fines can be issued out to those who don’t comply with caring for the environment and those who have to handle the hire skip bin after them.

At job sites, restaurants and even at home, those who will be putting waste in the skip bins should be made aware of what is and isn’t acceptable, and which bins should be mixed with what items. For example, soiled cardboard is considered green waste and should be kept separate from clean, recyclable cardboard.

Read our blog post on how to be environmentally conscious when using your skip bin hire in Geelong.

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