The Do’s And Don’t Of Skip Bin Hire In Geelong

Skip Hire Geelong
How to choose the right sized Skip Bin Hire in Geelong and Torquay
April 6, 2018

When hiring a skip bin with us, it’s important to know the Do’s and Don’ts to get the most out of your hire. We want to help you in the biggest possible way, so here’s a list of things to know before you start your hire.

Do check what kind of waste you are going to be producing before you hire your bins.

Our skip bin hire is available for all kinds of waste removal all over Geelong. From domestic to green waste and even commercial waste, we cater for everything. It’s best for us to know this in advance, so we can advise you on the best method for you to dispose of your waste in a safe and efficient way.

Do think about what size you’ll need— be realistic

Our skip bins come in a ton of sizes, so you know that we will have one for whatever you need. Have a think about what kind of size you’ll need and how much rubbish you’re going to be creating. Make sure that you’re realistic— you don’t want to have a half-empty bin or half your rubbish left behind because it doesn’t all fit.

Don’t overload your skip

This leads us to the next point, don’t overload your skip! Have a chat with us and think about what kind of volume you’re going to be chucking into the skip bin. We can advise you what kind of size you need, and you can avoid extra charges.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

We pride ourselves on knowing what the Geelong people need and helping them out when it comes to hiring a skip. Whether you want to know what size we think you’ll need, what kind of waste is what, or any other question; we’re always available to help you out.  There’s no problem too big or small for us.

Don’t be tempted to sneak things into your skip bin

There aren’t many things that we don’t like on our skip bins, but nasties like asbestos, liquid waste, paint and car batteries are no-no’s and can result in expenses for both you and us. Nobody wants that.

Do think about the environment

Think about what you’re putting in your skip bin that could be recycled. Be an enviro warrior and separate your green waste, general waste and recyclables. Let us know before your hire which kind of materials you are planning to put into the skip bins, and we can let you know how to best go about separating it. Easy!  

Do organise your skip well in advance

At G-Town skips, we do have a ton of skips at the ready, but it’s always best to be prepared so that you’re not disappointed if your plans to do a huge cleanup fall through due to last minute planning.

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